Tuesday, November 25, 2008

World's Fair , Insound Print Ad

World's Fair Label Group print ad for Insound Catalog. 

World's Fair Stationary

Stationary used at World's Fair Label Group. (Letterhead, Venue Sales Sheet, With Compliments Note Pad)

World's Fair Holiday Chocolate Coins

Chocolate coins used as part of holiday gift promotion for World's Fair Label Group. (2005)

Six panel brochure used at Midem 2005 for promotion of World's Fair Label Group services.



World's Fair CD / DVD Series

Snap shots of examples of the CD and DVD compilation series used to promote  
releases for the World's Fair Label Group

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Return Of Dr Octagon Posters

Posters used to promote the CD release of The Return Of Dr. Octagon  

OCD Records / World's Fair Label Group (2006)

Midlake US Tour Poster

Poster used to promote the US tour of Midlake. 

Bella Union / World's Fair Label Group (2006)

The Czars Poster

Poster used for the promotion of The Czars, Goodbye, CD. 
Bella Union / World's Fair Label Group (2005)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Mum CD Promotion Print Ad

Full page, color advert for Mùm's Summer Make Good CD promotion. Ran nationally in Resonance Magazine. For World's Fair Label Group (2004)

Mum Tour Print Ad

Promotional print ad for Mum on tour with Kim Horthoy. For World's Fair Label Group 

Retail Onesheet For Mum

Retail one-sheet used to promote the release of Mum's
Summer Make Good CD, US Edition. (2004)

Hudson Valley Horrors Logo

Logo submitted for contest for Hudson Valley Horrors Roller Derby team. (2008) 

Carrion Records Logo

Logo for non-existent record label (2008)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Tina Dico Poster

Poster for CD and event promotion of Tina Dico's, Count To Ten release. Defend Music (2007)

Stephanie Prommer Event Designs Business Card

Business card for Stephanie Prommer, NYC based event designer. (2007)

The DJ Studio.com

Three logo variations designed for the DJStudio.com (2008)

Final Design For Ed Smooth Logo

Client's final approved logo. Shown with a couple examples of it put to use. (Airbrushed laptop & Miami club event flyer) (2008)

Logo Variations For DJ Ed Smooth

Logo variations for Miami based DJ, Ed Smooth. Several versions were passed before selecting a final logo. 


World's Fair Business Card

One of a series of business cards put together for The World's Fair Label Group. (2004)

Morcheeba Print Ad

One of a series of print ads put together for the promotion of Morcheeba's, The Antidote CD. This one was a half page strip in Resonance Magazine. 

ECHO / World's Fair Label Group  (2005)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Owen Roberts / Sarah Perrotta Show Poster

Event poster for Owen Roberts and Sarah Perrotta live show. Stray Bar, Hudson, NY. (2007)

Pela & Brakes Brakes Brakes Tour Flyer

Promotional postcard for US tour of Pela and Brakes Brakes Brakes. World's Fair Label Group (2007)



Pela Screen Print Poster

Official promotional screen printed poster for Pela. Great Society Records (2007)

Pela Screen Print Poster

Screen print poster idea for Pela promotion of Anytown Graffiti CD. Great Society Records (2007)

Richie Rich T Shirt

T Shirt design for Celebutante CD promotion. Defend Music (2008)

Def Jux T-Shirt

T Shirt design for Definitive Jux records. (2008)

Owen Roberts / Drew Nix CD Flyer

CD promotion flyer for Owen Roberts & Drew Nix (2008)

Owen Roberts / Drew Nix Event Poster

Poster for Owen Roberts' & Drew Nix & The Elephant Army live at Matchless, Brooklyn, NY. (2008)

Rootdown Flyer

Event flyer for Rootdown at The Black Swan in Tivoli, NY. (2007)
front / back

Turkey Head Poster

Poster for DJ event at Jason's Upstairs Bar in Hudson, NY. (2008)

Middle America at Bearsville Thaetre

Show poster for Hudson Valley based band, Middle America. August 2nd event at Bearsville Theatre in Woodstock, NY. (2008)